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Infectious Control Cleaning

Infectious control cleaning is critical in stopping the spread of communicable diseases, not only in the healthcare  and hospital setting, but for all responsible businesses. In order to  maintain a high level of cleanliness in your organization, Mathis will  regularly and routinely clean all surfaces, structures and items using  modern techniques standardized in today's cleaning industry. 

Mathis specializes in decontamination and infectious control cleaning.  We use a variety of specialized products to ensure that your premises  are infection free. Mathis uses the latest and most effective products and procedures for cleaning,  decontaminating and disinfecting surfaces that are prone to infections.  For example, we currently use Germicidal Ultra Bleach to clean after infected patients leave one of our infectious sites  and quat-128 for routine cleaning at some of our medical sites. 

Before starting our efforts to disinfect your premises, we will  determine the nature and types of infections and organisms present.  Since microorganisms can range from the harmless to the very pathogenic,  we identify their types in order to come up with the proper course of  action.