best janitorial services in chula vista in La Jolla

Maria W. YELP


"I called Joshua two days before a family reunion when I realized that I  would not be able to get the whole house ready in time.  He responded  that night, went above and beyond my hopes for help with the home.  He  sent two lovely people, Harold and Lena, who were very professional,  hard working, and polite.  They arrived on time, did everything, and I  am so appreciative.  Our home is ready for company, and I know that if I  tried to do that on my own, I would be exhausted for the family visit.   They cleaned 4 bedrooms, 2900 sq. feet, in 5 hours.  The price was  reasonable, and he kept to the estimate.  I could see them cleaning a  home for sale.  They make it look the best it can be.  I am already  thinking of asking for them on a monthly basis."

Monica P. YELP


"I've used Mathis for a few months now and find Josh to be very  professional and always looking for ways to improve his business and  services.  He has killer deals for reoccurring customers.  His email and  phone communication has also improved, making it much easier and faster  to schedule cleanings with him.  Overall I've received great service  and value."



"I had a young lady named Kailah come to my home for my first cleaning  with this company and could not have been more pleased! My appointment  was at 1:00, but they had a cancellation so they called to see if they  could come a little early, it worked out fine for me, so they came at  noon. I usually don't stay home while my home is being cleaned, however,  I had a lot of things I needed to catch up with, like emails and  regular mail, so I was home while Kailah cleaned. She was so polite and  checked to make sure that everything was being done up to my standards  (everything was). She was quick and efficient and a pleasure to have in  my home! They came with all their own equipment and did a great job! I  will definitely be using this service again!"



"We're still fairly new customers, but have been extremely happy with  each appointment. Our tech has been so professional and nice, and goes  above and beyond to get every little nook and cranny spotless. I'm  thrilled to finally have a "regular" home cleaning service after years  of trying to find one that provided good service and professionals I  trusted."



"Went above and beyond.  I was certainly impressed.  Would hire again!"

Perelini B. FACEBOOK


"Very professional and on time.  Communicated throughout the project of  cleaning my house.  Did more than they had to and everything looked  brand new.  Highly recommend them for family and friends in San Diego."